28093 Miles Later

Late last month, I made Alaska Airlines MVP. To make this membership level, I accrued over 25,000 miles on Alaska/Alaska Codeshare since January 1st. I currently sit at:

Activity Miles
Flown 28093
Bonus 3715
Parking 400
Total 32208

This entitles me to exciting things such as:

  •  Unlimited Complimentary Upgrades
  • Preferred Seating
  • Priority Boarding
  • Checked Baggage Fee Waiver

However, as I look at my status, I see that I also only have 19533 miles to Gold! And I think I might be able to make it. Here’s the forecast for the rest of the year thus far:

  • Return trip from Huntsville: 4022
  • Trip to San Diego: 2100
  • Trip to Maryland: 5820

That’s 11942 miles, 61% of the miles I need to get to Gold. The remaining 7591 miles could easily occur if I fly to Maryland and San Diego again, which is possible.

Non-work related, a round trip to Honolulu and back is only 5354 miles, so I would still need to travel San Diego again and even that would leave me a few hundred miles short.

If I do make Alaska MVP gold there still remains the fact that I would have flown over 50,000 miles this year, which is enough to miles to fly to Moscow (via Frankfurt) and back almost four times.


A Banana, Ring Toss, and The Fair

Rachel and I did the Puyallup on Saturday for our second year in a row! Rachel was obsessed about finding a UV teeth whiten booth, and I love looking at all the vendors. Of course, we had fair food and made ourselves sick on the rides…although Rachel still refuses to ride The Zipper with me.

There were two women in front of us in the line to play skee ball who had a giant tamale— it stood about as tall as the women, too. They won it playing ring toss. Naturally this was our next stop.

I failed to make any rings using my patent pending spinning technique, but Rachel managed to snag one of the bottles!

I insisted that we haul the prize around the fair a show of our skill and prowess. We got lots of, “Nice banana,” comments to which I wanted to respond, “Your mom said the same thing.” You’ll know why I refrained from saying that if you’ve ever been to the fair before. Showing of the fruits of our labor became quickly because labor intensive as oversize bananas are unwieldy and will not fit in your pocket.

As we made our not-so-quick run to the car to deposit our item, two things started to concern me immensely: was the banana even going to fit in the car; and what were we going to do with such an over-sized banana if we could fit it in the car?

Other people asked these questions too and I assured them that my Subaru could handle any size load. We managed to get banana into the car after following these steps:

  1. Open drivers door
  2. Roll down driver-side rear-door window
  3. Move drivers seat as far forward as possible
  4. Open driver side rear door
  5. Lay down rear seats
  6. Open hatch
  7. Insert banana into trunk space, with tail sticking out driver-side rear-door
  8. Force hatch closed
  9. Lift “tail” of banana and close driver-side rear-door so that the “tail” is sticking out the window
  10. From drivers open door, push “tail” back towards center of car and close driver-side rear-door window
  11. Push drivers seat back to original position

When we got home, we did the only reasonable thing we could do: put it in my roommates bed.

Photo/caption by Jacob Blount.

We now have a giant bananna with an afro sitting on my front porch. The default option is to take it to the dump, but that’s seems anticlimactic. Yet, we can’t just leave it there.

What do you think we should do with it, preferably integrating a safe disposal technique in the process?

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I’ve Been Everywhere, Man

This has been a heck of a week. I was in San Diego last Monday/Tuesday for a meeting, then got the call to go out to the East Coast for a week. I’ve been working about 12 hour days, but I’m finally at the airport ready to fly home. That will be nice.

Rachel and I are leaving for Bozeman Thursday night for a wedding that she’s in. There’s also a good chance that I could be heading back to San Diego early next week. And maybe back to the East Coast at least once more, if not twice, before the end of October.

We’re also flying out to Alabama at the end of September to go to Brian and Courtney’s wedding.

Did I mention we’re trying to do our own wedding planning too?


FaceTime from 38,854 Feet

Welcome to the future, where I can video chat with my fiancée from my computer on an airplane flying at 38,854 feet and going 562 mph to her cellphone while she’s on the 8th floor of her office building.

FaceTime from 38,854 feet

That’s what I call awesome (minus the fact that I have to be away from Rachel for a week).


Tough Mudder 2013

So this is going to happen next year:

Mark your calendars for Sunday June 16, 2013. Rachel and I signed up for Tough Mudder Colorado 2013.

This should be good as long as we can handle the hot, dry Colorado summers and get acclimated to the altitude quick enough. Last time I was in Colorado, I hiked a 14ner and ended up suffering from altitude sickness, which—while an interesting case study in how my body works—was not fun to deal with.


Welcome to Our Blog

Welcome to our website! How exciting is this! Our hope is that this place can serve as a central location for our friends and family to keep in touch with us as we go about life. We have big plans, and we want to share them with you.

You can keep up to date with our site using our RSS feed in your favorite feed reader (I like Google Reader), via email subscription, or even just poke your head back here: https://andrewandrachel.com/

Initially, this site is going to be very wedding focused. In the coming weeks, you’ll be able to find all the information you need about our wedding (don’t worry, we will still send out physical invitations as well).

Starting at the beginning of next year, we’ll archive all the wedding stuff and transition things to more of a life blog (whatever that means).

If you were a reader of my previous blog adventure, Andrew Ferguson dot NET, I’m going to be blogging about life over here and technical things over there.

Some house keeping notes:

  • You can look at the byline to see who wrote what post. Andrew will post as Andrew and Rachel will post as Rachel.
  • This is our blog. We reserve the right to censor, edit, redact, and modify stuff on here as we see fit, this includes comments left by others. We will try our best to make note of when we edit someone else’s comment.
  • This weblog does not represent the thoughts, intentions, plans or strategies of our respective employers (or any other organization we might have a vested interest in).