Royal Wedding Mania

The Royals are coming! This Saturday Meghan and Harry will wed at St. George’s Chapel in the town of Windsor.

I am a bit sad I am not throwing a party for the wedding! In 2011 I stayed up all night to watch Prince William and Kate Middleton get hitched. I baked a cake, decorated my apt and hosted friends to celebrate. Not that I went overboard or anything. I mean, maybe I did, but who doesn’t love a good party!?

Andrew and I will not be attending the wedding (ha) nor will we be celebrating in Windsor (although I’m having a bit of FOMO!) I am happy enough to watch everything at home with my pupper and a glass of bubbles! Andrew even said he would watch the wedding with me. Major points for him!

While we won’t be in Windsor on Saturday, we WILL be there tomorrow. We decided to go to Legoland as it is on Andrew’s UK Bucket List and Legoland is about 10 miles from where the wedding will take place.

I’m wondering if this is a big mistake as it’s estimated that 30,000 people will camp out on Friday night and another 150,000 will show up on Saturday for the event. The church accommodates 800, obviously all of the seats are spoken for, but the wedding will be streamed live on large screens. The main draw is that there will be a 25 minute procession through the town of Windsor where the public and can glimpse the newlyweds.


For those lucky enough to get an invitation, they have to arrive at the church at 9:30am. Family will follow at 11:20 and the ceremony will begin at noon. (That’s 4am for you Seattlites!) The first reception will follow at Windsor Castle for 600 guests. A second 200 person reception will be held for family and friends that evening. It’s assumed there will be a fireworks display similar to Will and Kate’s nuptials. (If you need ALL the deets- check out this article)

My impression from the Brits I’ve talked to is that most people will be watching the wedding and celebrating with a barbecue or low key party.


  • Wills and Kate were married on Friday, April 29, 2011 at Westminster Abbey in London. The date was declared a holiday (just for that year) and people were given the day off work. Because Harry is lower on the totem pole his wedding wasn’t given official holiday status and was scheduled for a Saturday so people could celebrate. Also, there are already two holidays in May so having three would be a bit excessive.
  • Meghan’s real name is Rachel Meghan Markle. A pretty good name if you ask me.
  • Pubs were allowed to apply for permits to extend their operating hours for the occasion.
  • The town of Windsor is 25 miles west of London.
  • Windsor castle is where the Queen and Prince Phillip spend the majority of the year.
  • Andrew and I toured the castle with our friends from Kansas City. I’m thrilled that we toured the hall were the first reception will be held (below)!
  • The royals are paying for the wedding although it appears (I can’t find anything official) that public money will be spend on some aspects like airport level security for the visitors to Windsor on Saturday.



I am enjoying seeing all the merch for the wedding. I get a big kick out of it. And NO, I have not bought anything but there are some super cute commemorative coffee cups that I am tempted by.



I’ll let you know how Legoland goes!



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