28093 Miles Later

Late last month, I made Alaska Airlines MVP. To make this membership level, I accrued over 25,000 miles on Alaska/Alaska Codeshare since January 1st. I currently sit at:

Activity Miles
Flown 28093
Bonus 3715
Parking 400
Total 32208

This entitles me to exciting things such as:

  •  Unlimited Complimentary Upgrades
  • Preferred Seating
  • Priority Boarding
  • Checked Baggage Fee Waiver

However, as I look at my status, I see that I also only have 19533 miles to Gold! And I think I might be able to make it. Here’s the forecast for the rest of the year thus far:

  • Return trip from Huntsville: 4022
  • Trip to San Diego: 2100
  • Trip to Maryland: 5820

That’s 11942 miles, 61% of the miles I need to get to Gold. The remaining 7591 miles could easily occur if I fly to Maryland and San Diego again, which is possible.

Non-work related, a round trip to Honolulu and back is only 5354 miles, so I would still need to travel San Diego again and even that would leave me a few hundred miles short.

If I do make Alaska MVP gold there still remains the fact that I would have flown over 50,000 miles this year, which is enough to miles to fly to Moscow (via Frankfurt) and back almost four times.


  1. Can you buy miles? What’s the advantage of gold?

    1. Miles bought do not count toward MVP and MVP/Gold status.

      Some of the advantages of MVP/Gold are:
      * Unlimited ability to Upgrade one companion into First Class when they are traveling with you.
      * Four one-way electronic MVP Gold Guest Upgrades awarded annually upon reaching MVP Gold status.
      * Checked Baggage Fee Waiver for first two bags
      * One complimentary Premium Beverage of your choice during your flight when traveling in the main cabin.

  2. What are the perks of Gold vs MVP?

  3. And you’re sharing them with me? AWESOME!

    1. Only if I make MVP/Gold and only if you’re traveling with me. Then I will let you use the companion first class benefit.

  4. MVP is the best. I hit it in June and hope to make Gold by December! Here’s to more travel – Cheers!

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