Mark and Vanessa’s Wedding: Hong Kong

We were in Hong Kong to attend the wedding for Rachel’s brother, Mark. I’m not sure going to a single wedding in Hong Kong allows me to extrapolate fully, but from what I gleaned most weddings are very similar to this: suits tailored the week before, shoes for the bridesmaids custom made in two days, and a full day of pomp and circumstance with both Western and Chinese tradition.

It’s quite the show. Here’s part two of three (see part 1 and part 3).


Back in Colorado

It’s always good to get back to Colorado. I need to find a way to get here more often.

Rachel and I are here through Sunday — college roommate reunion time!

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Travel Magic

In 12 hours, I will be on a plane back to Seattle. In 24 hours, I will still be on that plane. I will land three hours before I took off.