Hand picked through a vigorous process that lasted over twenty-five years, these are the ones that have stood with us, challenged us, cried with us, supported us, and been there for us.


Best Man

Peter Walchenbach

On a hikeI am an entrepreneur and a lover of adventure. I was born, raised, and currently live in Seattle, just a few blocks from Ferg’s house. I spent five winters pursuing a career as a big mountain skier in Jackson Hole while spending the rest of the year starting businesses for a venture capitol firm. Since then I have worked for several technology startups, and just started a telecom brokerage providing voice and data solutions to businesses.

Ferg and I met through a UPC Bibile study, since then we have executed ingenious pranks, gone on epic adventures, made terrible mistakes, blown up his back yard, fought like enemies, and been great friends for over a decade.

I am constantly on the hunt for my next adventure, and eternally optimistic that it will be the best I have ever had. I can’t wait to help Ferg begin his next great adventure with Rachel and am confident it will in fact be the best he has ever had.


Shannon Erickson

ShannonLooksAwesomeI am a graphic designer, a fraternal twin, and an Army brat. I’m getting married just 2 months after Andrew, to another Andrew. I met Ferg in 2010(?) at the Big Time Brewery after a young adult service at UPC. He sat next to me and talked to me about coding.

Fondest Memory with Andrew: When Andrew was planning to propose to Rachel, he asked me for a quick conference, a pow-wow. Sitting at a table at Toulouse Petit in Queen Anne, Andrew pulled out a chart that was indecipherable to me. Bars and numbers, many columns and rows. Certain rows were labeled “Propose in bookstore” or “Propose in restaurant.” It was like looking at carefully mapped out timelines for different proposals that could exist in parallel universes. If x, then y, then propose in Montana in January. If y then x, then propose in Seattle in May, on and on it went. I was looking at what I now know is called a Gantt Chart, a Gantt Chart for the execution of a successful proposal. My jaw slowly dropped and it was in that moment I saw that Ferguson’s nerd-dom ran much, much deeper than I had ever realized. He was a nerd beyond recovery.


Brian Ferguson

429569_3794999485174_1484545812_nHi, My name is Brian. I am Andrew’s younger, taller, stronger, more attractive younger brother who is already married. I know Andrew because I lived with him for 18 glorious, and at times insufferable years. But seriously, Andrew has been my older brother, my friend, my role model, and a true inspiration for me my entire life. Andrew and his friends from Bible study invited me into their lives when I was in high school and didn’t have many Christian friends, they taught me what it looked like to follow Christ in high school and always made me feel included. My best memories with my brother where all of the summers that we spent in Colorado together and all of the family ski trips we had. I have very fond memories of us teaming up to make fun of our dear mother at the dinner table too.


Quinn McGinnis

5969_1084301307558_2011940_nQuinn is a Seattle-born Californian, and alum of the University of Washington and of Regent College (Vancouver, BC). He’s currently pursuing a career as an actuary in south Orange County. His hobbies are recreational softball, crossfit, and theological reflection.

He met the groom at University Presbyterian Church in 7th grade, and they were part of the same Bible study through the end of high school. They remained close friends during college despite Andrew leaving for Colorado to study at Mines. Some of Quinn’s favorite memories with Andrew involve staying up til 6 AM playing Halo, waking up in the morning (or afternoon) with a few (more) Dr. Peppers, and playing more Halo.

Maid of Honor

Maggie Weber


I am a jack-of-all-trades so to speak. At the moment life has led me to work in a semi-mechanic shop here in MT. I do secretary work and odd jobs such as polishing hubs and organizing bolts. Previously I was teaching a photography course and working at a bakery. How do I know Rachel? Very good question… All I can say was it was meant to be. Rachel and I both attended Trinity Lutheran Church in Billings, Montana. I was a part of a small group which met for weekly bible studies. One day Rachel came. I immediately knew I had a friend crush on her. It may sound strange and I thought so too until a month later when Rachel and I talked outside of bible study and both confessed that we had wanted to hang out outside of bible study for so long but didn’t want it to come off as weird. So here we stand dearest of friends. I can’t choose one moment that I love most in our friendship, but I can choose one thing: Rachel has the greatest laugh and I cannot point out a time where Rachel and I were together and didn’t laugh until my stomach hurt. That’s it, I love laughing with Rachel.

As for Andrew, I anxiously await meeting him in person. It’s probably going to be pretty epic, I am sure of it. 🙂


Brooke Elliott

I currently reside in Austin, TX with my husband Tyrell and our sweet puppy Sola. Enjoying ATX but still have Montana on my mind, where I was born and raised. During the week I am an Art Consultant and Account Manager for New Era Portfolio, a company prints and sells fine art online. By evening and weekend I like to spend my time hiking, running, reading, catching a flick with my husband and exploring new places and spaces.

I know Rachel from the AOII sorority where our paths were destined to cross. Rachel became my “little sister” in the sorority and we’ve had a special bond ever since. I’ve been very lucky to have Rachel’s friendship and it’s continued growth over the years.

Before I actually got the chance to meet Andrew I heard many stories about him and was able to learn about the progression of their relationship through Rachel. The first time I met Andrew was at my wedding in September 2012 and he stepped right in and helped with setting up and had a big hand in setting up the photo booth that was enjoyed by all.

My fondest memory of Rachel is hard to pin point… cause there are so many! I can often remember sitting around in our shared room at the AOII house laughing and talking and staying up way too late. Rachel and I were both at that time night owls so it was a perfect time for us to get to know each other better and for me I feel like that is where our bond started. There are so many little adventures that Rachel and I have had over the years and I treasure all of our interactions whether in person or simply just a phone call to catch up. I’m so honored to share in Andrew and Rachel’s special day!


Laura Kellerman

photo (9)

I am a research engineer who works in a microscope lab at Montana State University. As an MSU alum, the fall is spent watching Bobcat football and attending as many games as possible. When football season ends, I enjoy sewing, baking, concerts and anything outside during the summer.

I first met Rachel while attending MSU. We were both involved in Lutheran Student Fellowship and roomed together at a conference. It didn’t take long to solidify our friendship as we bonded over a love of dogs and church camp at Red Lodge. I was introduced to Andrew when Rachel brought him to see my lab. He was excited to see all the various microscopes I work with and Rachel just laughed with us at the love of science.


Autumn Markert


I teach high school in Laurel, Montana. I know Rachel from the sorority. We met junior year of college at MSU.

I have so many favorite memories with Rachel it is hard to pick just one. Here are a few- our road trip to see The Fray in Spokane, our failed attempt at sailing where we decided to make a red neck yacht club, our times at the Clinton concerts…just hanging out …our trip to Seattle in the summer of 2010.

I first met Andrew at Rachel’s Halloween party in 2012. I knew Andrew was right for Rachel because he had a ton of energy and was smart and quirky like Rachel.


Tegan Molloy

284927_877065901179_28985943_n (1)

As a Colorado native, the Rocky Mountains are in my blood. Growing up with interests in storytelling and leadership, I pursued a major in film with a minor in business at Montana State University. Upon graduation, I moved to New York City where I worked on a few social issue documentaries. Beginning to miss the sun, I moved to Los Angeles where I currently work in children’s TV programming and development at a new cable network, on shows like the new animated “My Little Pony Friendship is Magic” and “R.L. Stine’s The Haunting Hour.” One life aspiration I have is to be a good future ancestor.

I met Rachel in multiple worlds that quickly became one and the same. As a member of the AOII sorority, we’d learned that Rachel was what we call a “legacy” because her mom is an alumnae of AOII. If my memory serves me right, our first contact may have been when we cold-called Rachel Sophomore year to harass her with the recruitment pitch. Shortly after she turned us down, Rachel interviewed where I worked, at the MSU Leadership Institute. Upon meeting her, I got the impression that she was ferociously professional, with bold ideas with incredible management potential. To sum it up, I found her so grounded and focused, it was intimidating! And I’m so glad she was hired!

At work, I quickly fell in love with Rachel. Eventually the AOII’s were able to convince her that living in a sorority was something she might actually enjoy – and the rest is history! We worked together, lived together, and went to college together. And then suddenly Andrew came along.

I met the fine groom-to-be at the Elliott wedding. It was immediately evident that Andrew’s contagious passion, wit, and thoughtful approach to things were the perfect match for Rachel. And I can’t wait to get to know him more!

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