Diving into the numbers: Have you RSVP’d?

If you are reading this, odds are you have probably RSVP’d. If you haven’t had the chance, here it is! Jump on it! .


For the last several days, I’ve been staring at this chart — and the accompanying data — to try to deduce just how many people are able to make it to our wedding.

It’s been a nervous, exciting few months, mostly wondering, “How many will make the journey?

As of this writing, we have a 41.7% response rate with 53.2% of those responding yes.

I’ve attempted to create several statistical models and most are predicting somewhere around 58.2% of all invitees responding yes. However, the linear trend-line is only predicting a meager 34.6% turnout.

Personally, I think we’re going to get pretty close to our predicted number of guests, we may even be a titch under.

This is your opportunity to go on an awesome adventure to Montana for a certain June wedding!


Invitations: Sent — Have You RSVP’d?

Invitations have been sent out and hopefully you have them in hand by now!

It was a really fun process to work with Shannon on designing them and having Savage Color, a local company, print and score them.

The front is based off the sign atop the Baxter Hotel where our reception is being held. The mountains on the back side are a silhouette of the Bridger Mountain Range. There’s also a small tribute celebrating another event that will occur almost 50 years later in Bozeman, Montana.

Don’t forget to RSVP (by May 3rd) and we hope to see you all in six short weeks!




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