Trying Something New

On the occasion of my 33rd birthday, I announced on social media (the irony is not lost on me) that Rachel and I were contemplating how we can keep in touch in deeper and more meaningful ways with our friends and family, and really the effects of social media in general.

I proposed leaving Facebook, Instagram, etc and creating a more private setting (e.g. monthly email and/or friends/family-only blog), hoping you would come along for the ride.

This revamped version of our site attempts to do at least part of that: it’s a private setting that we are encouraging our family and friends to sign up for to get updates on our life.

To make it as easy as possible, you’ll also be able to receive daily or weekly updates (or both, I suppose).

This is an engineering experiment — not be confused with rigorous scientific experimentation method — so we’ll see how it goes and tweak things as needed.


Chapter 3: Return of the Fergusons

When we moved to the UK in March of last year the official plan was to stay 10-12 months. When we moved, we didn’t know how long we would stay, as 10 months seemed like a long time. But as December approached, we knew we weren’t quite ready to quit our adventure. We choose to extended our stay another 9 months through to August 2018.

We’re excited to announce that, while we aren’t coming home to Seattle in August, we have set a date! Our last chapter in this book will wrap up at the end of this year.

We still have some things to cross off our UK bucket list but feel our hearts being drawn back home. Friends in the states are expecting babies, getting married, and making big life changes and we believe it’s important to be around for such events — especially after missing out on some of these things while we’ve been abroad. We’re also missing our Seattle church family and community. And finally, while Andrew could continue with his current position with work in the UK, he has accomplished much of what he came here to do.

We’re also feeling ready to get back to “real life”. Life in the UK has not been without challenges, but it has felt like a dream filled with constant travel and and will always be a period of our lives we will treasure.


Several questions remain:

  • When will we return? We have not decided on an exact date but are targeting between the end of October and the end of the year.
  • Will Andrew take a new job? We don’t know what Andrew’s role will be at work when he returns, but there are many options, which we are thankful for.
  • Where will you live? We’re coming back to Seattle and hope to return to the Ballard area.

There is still time to visit, British summers are wonderful 🙂


Poole Park

Shot on a DJI Spark.
Location: Poole Park, Dorset, UK
Music: Piano Moment by Bensound ( [Creative Commons]


Made it to the Airport

We’ve been up since 2:30am, finishing packing our bags and getting prepped to leave.

At multiple points I thought we might not make it, but we did!

Ezra has been handed over to British/IAG Cargo, bags (seven of them!) have been checked, and my computer server1 made it through security with minimal fuss.

We’re sitting in the lounge, ready to fall asleep — just need to get on the plane first.

We’ll catch you all on the flip side.

We’re on BA48, for all you flight nerds.

  1. specifically the Network Attached Storage server