Reflections on Moving Home

My heart feels

  • Thankful for a town that seemed to welcome me with open arms with its flower gardens and ample sunshine. Funny how a place can go from stranger to friend in 18 months, a relatively short amount of time. 
  • Amazed that we undertook this challenge of moving overseas and smashed it 
  • Disbelief at how good the experience was (even with the bumps)
  • Sadness over the adventures remaining on our list balanced by 
  • The realization we did a lot with the time, money, vacation days and sanity we had and
  • The knowledge there is always more to do, see and experience  balanced by 
  • Complete humility, awe and gratitude at the amount of travel and adventuring we accomplished
  • Love for the friends back home who
    •  gave us the encouragement and confidence to embrace an expat assignment knowing that our bonds were strong enough to weather an extended absence and 
    • joyfully shared in the excitement of our departure, adventures and upcoming return
  • Gratitude for the (lifelong friends who feel like) family we’ve made in the UK who made it easier to embrace the foreign aspects of everyday life here knowing they were only a phone call (or short drive) away 
  • Melancholy over leaving the nice life we crafted in Poole
  • Fear in the unknown: What does life back in Seattle look like after 2ish years away? This is tempered by
  • Faith in Christ that He is in control, knows all things and has our back and
  • Anticipation for our return home. We fly to Seattle on Tuesday, November 27th.

*post inspired by Mari Andrew’s work

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