Tea with the Bride to Be

I flew home to Montana in July to throw my future sister-in-law a bridal shower. From the moment I landed, my mom and I buzzed around Billings, Montana to gather all the necessary decorations. We camped out at my aunt Denise’s house to get all the food ready. Luckily my mom and aunt are real champs and let me talk them into staying up past their bedtime to get everything done the night before the shower. It wasn’t a hard sell: my mom and aunt grew up making shenanigans so they were in their element helping me pull everything together.

We had a great shower with lots of tea and love and presents! The theme was Bride With Tea: Renee’s Instagram handle is Renee with Tea so it was a take on that. My mom made delicious chocolate chip scones and finger sandwiches and unearthed her vintage tea set for the occasion. I printed Renee and Peter’s engagement photos printed 8×8 at Costco which was a nice touch and gave Renee the photos after the shower. Given that I was in the UK prior to the shower, I used postable.com to create and send the invitations as the service addresses and posts mail for you.

Renee enjoyed herself and loved the scones! Success



Renee’s Mom, Ellen, Renee, and Amy (my mumma)


Now on to prep for the wedding… (Andrew photoshopped the sign!)

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