Diving into the numbers: Have you RSVP’d?

If you are reading this, odds are you have probably RSVP’d. If you haven’t had the chance, here it is! Jump on it! .


For the last several days, I’ve been staring at this chart — and the accompanying data — to try to deduce just how many people are able to make it to our wedding.

It’s been a nervous, exciting few months, mostly wondering, “How many will make the journey?

As of this writing, we have a 41.7% response rate with 53.2% of those responding yes.

I’ve attempted to create several statistical models and most are predicting somewhere around 58.2% of all invitees responding yes. However, the linear trend-line is only predicting a meager 34.6% turnout.

Personally, I think we’re going to get pretty close to our predicted number of guests, we may even be a titch under.

This is your opportunity to go on an awesome adventure to Montana for a certain June wedding!

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