A Place to Call Home

We have found a place to call home! It is a cute tri-level townhouse with a bright red door!
It’s a little further north than I was hoping for but it really is an answer to my prayers (praise God!). It’s only a block or two away from where I’m living now and it met all our criteria: laundry, garage, outside entrance, two bedroom AND it has vaulted ceilings on the top floor. It’s a short walk to Greenlake and close to our wonderful community of friends. It’s uber great!

I will be moving in on March 30th so if you are feeling lovely or strong, you can stop by in the afternoon and help me mooooooove in!

As promised, we’ll be having our “rager” aka house warming party sometime in the summer or fall, once I get it semi-decorated. Love to everyone! (79 days til the BIG DAY…)



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