Save This Date

We have a date! Saturday, June 8th, 2013! And we want you to save it.
Yesterday we sent our first batch of Save The Dates (photo by the talented Bryce Covey, designed by the lovely Shannon Erickson). There isn’t a sneak peek pic as I want them to be a surprise so check your mail. Thanks to Momma F for helping address and send!

Sending - That's a lot of postcards!
Sending – That’s a lot of postcards!


  1. I’m requesting the time off now! Wouldn’t miss it for anything, except if the end of the world happened I suppose.

  2. We just received your save the date in the mail – it’s adorable! We’re honored to be invited and look forward to helping you celebrate. Congratulations you two!

  3. Aloha! and congratulations!
    We got our today and we are going to see you all there.

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