Just finished my ballot and dropped it in the mail. I’m not going to provide a diatribe about how I voted, just the highlights:

  • I-1185: Yes
  • I-1240: Yes
  • R-74: Rejected
  • I-502: Yes
  • ESJR-8821: Approved
  • ESJR-8223: Approved
  • ESB-6635: Maintained
  • SHB-2590: Maintained
  • King County Prop 1: Rejected
  • Seattle Prop 1: Rejected
  • P/VPOTUS: Gary Johnson and James P. Gray (Libertarian)
  • Senator: Baumgartner
  • Congressman: Bemis
  • Governor: McKenna
  • Lt. Gov: Owen

I would, of course, recommend you follow my selections. But being as this is America, you are welcome to make your own choices.

The good news is that I’m in a lab most of tomorrow and flying all day Tuesday, so this political season is pretty much over for me!